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World Padel Tour Marbella 2019

World Padel Tour Marbella 2019

Paddle tennis fans have an essential date during the first months of the year in Marbella, to celebrate the World Padel Tour Marbella 2019. Marbella is presented as a benchmark in the international scene, being the first venue where the calendar of the circuit will begin in 2019..

Date of the World Padel Tour in Marbella

The dates chosen for this event are 17 to 24 March. Perfect days to make the most of everything Marbella has to offer the world of sport.

Previous phase of the paddle championship

The World Padel Tour 2019 in Marbella is planned for this year, to offer a few days of high quality paddle. In this way, the qualifying matches will be held in advance at the Real Club de Padel de Marbella. It will face a hundred and fifty couples (ninety-six men) and (fifty-four women). After the celebration of these matches, the winning couples will celebrate the final matches in the Elena Benítez sports pavilion of San Pedro Alcántara in the city of Marbella.

World Padel Tour

How many modalities will there be in this year’s World Padel Tour Marbella?

In order to cover as many athletes as possible, during the celebration of the world padel tour 2019, will be divided into three modalities: Challenger, Open and Master. An excellent opportunity to enjoy one of the most important annual events in the world of paddle tennis at an international level, with a wide participation of athletes, both professionals and amateurs.

The importance of this event increases every year, since it has not only aroused the interest of sportsmen – the best players of the international ranking will participate – and amateurs, but also of great sponsors and organizers, as well as the presence of the most important media, which during those days, will have their attention on one of the ideal cities for the celebration of this type of competitions of international fame. The difference with the previous year is that the tournament bring together the best professional couples in the world of paddle.

Regalar Entrenamiento Personal de padel

Marbella as an international reference

The World Padel Tour Marbella 2019 is dazzled as one of the most important events in Marbella for this year. It is estimated that it can bring a great economic benefit to the city during those days. Many fans and tourists will be able to enjoy on the spot and by “streaming” the different games that are celebrated. Marbella is currently a national and international reference point for tourism; with this type of event, the aim is now to strengthen the city’s position at a sporting level, with the aim of making it an ideal destination for holding other types of high quality sporting championships.

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