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 In Training & Results you can train with the help of our personal trainer. A personal trainer is a professional who is able to change your lifestyle and help you recover from injuries. It also offers a training designed exclusively for each person, creating exercises to guarantee results in less time than a normal training.

With the training that we propose from Training & Results you will get the most out of it and you will obtain surprising results.

Integrated training sessions designed from the initial assessment of physiological and anthropometric characteristics, in addition to the objectives of the athlete. Personalized attention by the exclusive trainer throughout the session.

Entrenamiento y recuperación de lesiones

Types of Training

Personal Training Marbella


Sessions aimed at improving the general or specific physical condition of a sport. With our training you will improve strength, speed, power, agility, balance, body posture, lose fat, gain muscle mass, improve stability. Influencing the training of ligament, muscle and tendon zones and their stability and range of articular.

Discover our methods of Personal Training Marbella:

  • Individual
  • Couple
  • Small groups of no more than 6 people
Entrenamiento Personal

Personal Home Training


Training and Results Sport Club has a qualified technical team that travels to your home to offer your training services. Discover our personal trainer at home in Marbella.

Prevention and Recovery of Injuries

Besides Personal Trainer at home, we collaborate with a group of professionals, such as Corporis Physiotherapy for the prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of injuries.

Training Programs

Programas de entrenamiento

For the recovery of injuries and physical improvement in Marbella, we have specialized training programmes divided into different groups according to:

  • Professional Athletes
  • Athletes in Formation
  • Sports Equipment
  • Disabled Athletes
  • Senior Athletes
  • Pregnant and Post Pregnancy Women
  • Amateur Athletes
  • Rehabilitation of Injuries
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Online Athletes

Technology and Equipment for training and its Application to Physical Performance Improvement methods


Eccentric Training

  • Eccotex Training Conical Pulley
  • Musculator straps
  • Theraband
  • Elastic Gums
  • Mini Band

Concurrent Training

  • Repeat Sprint Ability
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical Bike
  • Exercise Bicycle
  • Ladder Speed

Optimal Range of Motion

  • Foam Roll
  • Aquroller
  • Theragum
  • Active and passive stretching
  • Joint mobility
  • Bicycle
  • Gravity
  • Slideboard

Neuromuscular Coordination

Sprint Ability and Quickness

Medicine ball

Ballasted vests

Ballasted ankles

Ballasted Wristbands




Power Ball

Glute Builder


Free Weight

ABS Rolling

Recoil 360º.


Proprioceptive Work and Balance

Core Training


Vibrating Machine








Equilibrium Platforms

Reaction Ball

Sports life without injuries


In Training & Results we are conscious with the prevention and recovery of injuries, that is why before and after a training cycle, it is convenient to have recovery sessions. Before starting the training we must make a specific activation for each session.

Advice on injury prevention

To prevent injuries it is necessary to have good nutrition and hydration and rest between training sessions.

For injury prevention it is important to reach a muscular balance, this means avoiding imbalances in the muscle groups, and tonifying all parts of the body.

We must avoid overtraining, so having a professional with you nearby at all times will make your training sessions a success in which you won’t have to fear injury.

And finally, and an important point to take care of to prevent injuries, is to have good sports equipment, such as machines, clothes and footwear.


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