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The Optimal Range of Motion, also known as ROM or Articular Range of Motion, is an important point in training related mainly to flexibility and stretching. It is key for the realization of any sport, because the muscles are more prepared. After all, the optimal range of motion allows us to avoid muscle pain and improve the quality of life during movement.

Ejercicios para el Rango Óptimo de Movimiento

Factors that affect the Range of Motion articulating and how to work with it

  • Sensomotor controls
  • Goals are important
  • The more flexibility the better
  • Stretching muscles after cardiovascular exercises

Materials used for ROM

Foam Roller

The Foam Roll, Foam Rolling or Foam Roller, is a roller that does not occupy much space but is very useful to improve the state of our muscles and prevent the appearance of injuries. It is usually made with rubber or foam, which allows our body to be padded when used on the floor. It is a way to strengthen and relax the muscles.


The Accuroller is a muscle massager that allows you to improve strength and muscle flexibility for better preparation. The device consists of balls joined by a rope, which allow them to roll over the muscle you want.


Active and passive stretching

Articular Mobility



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