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Maintenance Gym Marbella

Sedentarism is not a good thing, so it is important to fight it and for that, we have the maintenance gymnastics. To fight sedentarism you don’t need to be an elite athlete, don’t worry, because thanks to this gymnastics for seniors, you will be able to know, thanks to the services of a personal trainer, all the exercises for seniors that you can do with little effort and with all kinds of facilities.

Gimnasia de Mantenimiento en Marbella

Booking Maintenance Classes

Maintenance Gym classes in Marbella

If you live in Marbella, we have gymnastics for seniors and different audiences, recommended by any osteopath, as these maintenance classes are the best way to perform recovery from injuries if you have suffered any of them.

Gymnastics for seniors

Personalized maintenance gymnastics

Gymnastics Maintenance all ages

The advantages of maintenance gymnastics

  • This maintenance gymnastics is ideal for keeping fit with a minimum.
  • Gymnastics can be done, even if you have a physical limitation. In fact, if you have a problem that keeps you from leaving home, you can count on a personal trainer at home who will help you perform the necessary exercises and set the guidelines for each of them.
  • The gymnastics of maintenance is precisely oriented to that type of people, who by physical problems or by the impediment of the age, have a greater difficulty to be able to realize all class of exercises. Thanks to maintenance gymnastics, the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases is considerably reduced and, of course, it also helps us to control our weight.

Contact Maintenance Classes Marbella

Maintenance Classes: +34 695 90 59 99

  • Thanks to this exercise, we will be able to tone our muscles and bones, making them stronger and more flexible and therefore avoiding all kinds of problems associated with inadequate maintenance, such as the appearance of osteoporosis.

In short, it is about being able to enjoy an exercise class, suitable for all audiences with which we will also be able to prevent hypertension and diabetes and with which we will also improve our respiratory capacity. Maintenance gymnastics is something we should not overlook if we want to enjoy a better quality of life, especially after we have reached a more advanced age.

Gimnasia para personas mayores Marbella

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