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From training & results Sport Club we know how difficult it is to start managing or directing a sports club whatever the sport being carried out.

There are many variables that influence during the management and we must be aware of everything to know how to solve any problem that occurs.

Despite the enormous effort involved in creating a sports club, you are in the best hands.

Club Management

To create a sports club regardless of the sport chosen is to create a work team through which many people will pass and a community will be created.

You must learn to deal with the different types of individuals who are part of the club, such as partners, sponsors, players, members and all staff responsible for managing clubs.

Creating a community makes it easier to create a sense of unity and a sense of belonging to a group. This will facilitate communication and stability within the sports club.

It is therefore important to have a hierarchy structure and that each person has certain responsibilities inside the club.

From Training and Results we offer a specialized service. Training & Results SC offers the management service for clubs and sports schools at all levels.

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